Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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MFS welcomes visitors for public, private, and group tours. Visitors interact with animal residents while learning about their stories and the history and mission of the sanctuary.

Important Note: For the safety of the public and our animals, MFS does not allow walk-in visitors. All visitors must register for a tour in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

Public Tours

MFS runs public tours from approximately May-November. Our tour season is closed for 2017, but please sign up for our e-newsletter to be informed about the start of our 2018 tour season.

Group & Private Tours

MFS offers private and group tours by arrangement in April-December. Please contact for information about planning a group or private tour.

What to expect when visiting Maple Farm Sanctuary

Visiting an animal sanctuary can be a profound experience for many people. Interacting with animals typically seen as food can be life changing. Often visitors leave with a new perspective and respect for our animal friends. The sanctuary is quite different from a zoo. It is home for the animals, a place for them to feel safe and be cared for. We ask that all visitors treat the animals with respect and courtesy.

Please wear appropriate clothing for being outdoors and proper footwear for being among farm animals. The barn floors are cleaned daily, but the animals leave "presents" whenever they need to!

For the safety of our animals and yours, companion animals are not allowed at Maple Farm Sanctuary. Please do not leave companion animals inside your vehicle as temperatures can reach dangerous levels quickly, even with windows open.

Vegan Food Options in the Area

Looking to enjoy some delicious vegan food on the way to or from your tour? Check out our guide to vegan food options within 30 minutes of the sanctuary.