Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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The Clucky Ten

The Clucky Ten

In Spring 2017, MFS undertook three chicken rescues within a one-week period. We receive many requests to take chickens in the spring because many people buy them as chicks but soon decide they no longer want them. One of these rescues was the Clucky Ten, a group of ten chicks who had been purchased at a local feed store—where they were suffering from a bacterial infection—by teenagers whose parents didn’t want them. MFS took the chicks in and gave them a home and medical care.

As the chicks grew up, we realized that they are Brahma chickens, a breed that grows slowly but can get quite large. They have beautiful white and brown colorings, as well as adorable feathered feet, and they are very gentle. They are also quit hardy and do well in our cold New England winters.

Visitors will see these guys and gals wandering all over the farm, inside and out. They love exploring, snuggling together in fresh dirt, coming in to perch at dusk, and—when it comes to the roosters—crowing.

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Below: The Clucky Ten shortly after their arrival, along with rescued chicks Chirpy and Slurpy