Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Board of Directors

Marlene Calvao, President

Marlene has a professional background in business management and has worked for the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, school systems ranging from the primary to higher education levels, and the biotechnology sector. She has been an animal advocate and rescuer since she was young and has taken on just about every volunteer role at MFS, including being a barn volunteer and serving as the sanctuary’s Tour Director for the past three years. Marlene also leverages her business experience to network with other sanctuaries to help animals in need and connect MFS with like-minded corporations.


Karen Bacon, Clerk

Karen is an attorney by training and currently works for Commonwealth Medicine. She has always had a strong interest in animal rights, including writing her college thesis at Brandeis University on the history of the animal rights movement in the United States and completing an internship with Gary Francione and the Animal Rights Law Center at Rutgers College of Law. Karen has volunteered at numerous animal shelters and currently runs Positive Change for Animals, a volunteer group that sponsors social events and gatherings that encourage people to understand animal issues and join together in changing the social context of the animal rights movement.


Diane Stevens, Treasurer

Diane worked as a CPA for nearly 25 years at World Education, a non-profit organization dedicated to education. She served as the finance officer for the Asia Division before retiring in 2015. She brings to MFS a strong sense of accounting policies and procedures, systems of internal control, and finance management. Diane also has a background in animal rescue, as she founded Greyhound Rescue of New England Inc, a small non-profit dedicated to saving retired greyhounds and placing them in loving homes, in 1999. She continues to serve as the organization’s Executive Director and estimates that they have placed close to 1,000 dogs to date.


Chrissy Toti

Chrissy has been a Private Investigator for the last 20 years. Her job not only enables her to be out in the field but also gives her the flexibility to volunteer regularly at MFS. Since September 2016, Chrissy has taken on various volunteer roles, including doing hands-on barn cleaning, supervising other barn volunteers, and helping with animal care, events, and fundraising. She is also very active in the local vegan community and founded and serves as President of the Rhode Island Vegan Lady Gang, a social, activism, and volunteering group made up of vegan women who work in a variety of ways to make the world better for animals and each other.