Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Boo Boo

Boo Boo

Everyone who visits MFS knows Boo Boo!

Boo Boo came to MFS from a neglect situation. He was being raised for beef in a private backyard and was underfed and not cared for properly. A kind neighbor plead with cow’s owners for months before they finally agreed to surrender him to her, just a month before his slaughter date.

The woman kept Boo Boo in her backyard while she looked for a place to give him a permanent home. One day he was attacked by a porcupine and got hundreds of quills stuck to his face. The woman’s young son noticed this and pointed to his “boo-boo," which is how he got his name. The woman brought Boo Boo to the vet, who removed the quills, but Boo Boo still has a few scars from them around his mouth.

Soon after, the woman contacted MFS and we agreed to take Boo Boo in. Cheri and Jim knew right away that Boo Boo was very underweight for his age and breed. Boo Boo is a French Charolaise cow, a breed that is typically raised for beef and tends to be large muscled, with bulls weighing up to 2,400 lbs. Boo Boo was much smaller than average, and we immediately began bulking him up with nutritious food.

Despite his difficult early life, Boo Boo is very friendly. In fact, he loves people so much that we allow him to stay in our front paddock with some of our llamas so that he can greet sanctuary visitors. He is the first stop on the MFS tour and comes running over for treats whenever he spots a person. The outgoing and photogenic cow also makes frequent appearances on our website and social media accounts.

Photo by Carole Carnovale