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Chance was a Vietnamese potbellied pig who was being sold on a website advertising “teacup” pigs. People why buy these so-called “teacup” pigs are told that their new pets will remain perpetually tiny, but in reality they are buying pot-belled piglets who can eventually weigh up to 200 pounds. Breeders usually instruct new owners to underfeed piglets, explaining that they tend to put weight on and that restricting their calories will prevent weight gain. Sadly, many of these piglets are malnourished.

Chance was purchased by a young woman who loved him and cared for him as best she could despite his growing size. When the woman enlisted in the Army, her mother started caring for Chance, but because he had the intelligence of a 3-year-old child (as most pigs do), he caused problems by rooting up carpets and opening cabinets in search of food.

Every place the woman called said they would only take Chance for meat. His second "chance" came when she called MFS and we agreed to give him a home in 2011. At MFS, Chance enjoyed eating fresh fruits and vegetables, spending time in the yard with the llamas, and sleeping! It took some time, but he eventually got along with our elder pig Jonathan as well.

In January 2019, Chance passed away in his sleep from age-related xx.