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Finn was a special guest at the Arlington Street Church (ASC) Unitarian Universalist in Boston, MA for a Christmas Eve family service. A compassionate parishioner discovered that Finn was scheduled for slaughter but it was postponed because of his Christmas Eve visit. He was rescheduled to be slaughtered soon after Christmas. The parishioners contacted Cheri and Jim at Maple Farm Sanctuary and they agreed to offer Finn his forever home. A successful on-line fundraising campaign was established by the parishioners to cover the cost of his neutering and transporting him to his life long home at Maple Farm .

Finn is a Finnish cross sheep who was originally saved from a kill pen in New Hampshire in the hopes he'd get a few months more of life. His new home guarantees him a full and healthy life. He currently lives in peace at Maple Farm along with the other sheep, Tara Ann, Percy and Anna Beth.