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Gwendolyn (Gwen) was rescued on Thanksgiving Day in 2016. She was actually found by a hunter who had gone into the woods looking for a wild turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, the hunter spotted Gwen, a domestic turkey who was likely being raised by an individual or small farm for a Thanksgiving meal but escaped.

The hunter could see that Gwen was injured and knew that she would not survive long on her own, so he called us. MFS does not condone hunting, but we were grateful for the act of compassion shown by this man and agreed to help.

Cheri immediately examined Gwen and determined that she had likely been attacked by a coyote or other animal. Fortunately her injuries were not too severe, and Cheri treated them to prevent infection and gave Gwen lots of clean water, nutritious food, and room to rest.

Gwen is a very friendly turkey. She often hangs out with the chickens but she also loves people—she even responds with a soft purring noise when Cheri talks to her. Gwen is a great ambassador for other turkeys and will be our guest of honor every Thanksgiving from now on.

Watch Gwendolyn’s arrival below: