Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Kali is a Brown Swiss cow. She can be recognized by her huge horns. Brown Swiss cattle can be grey, dark brown, tan or even almost white in color. Their hooves, muzzle, and switch are usually black. They are often noted for their big floppy ears and docile temperament.

Kali was first heard but not seen at a garden center in western Massachusetts. A lady who we'll call Linda was going to this garden center to buy a few plants for her garden. As she shopped for her plants she could hear a calf calling out. Linda began looking for the source of all the crying. She was led to a locked equipment shed. After locating a garden center worker Linda found out that Kali had been locked in this shed for lack of a better place at the end of the day.

The shed was opened and there was Kali, trapped under some heavy equipment that had fallen over. With great effort Kali was freed from the tangle of equipment. Linda was able to get Kali out of this abusive environment and bring her home, but as Kali grew bigger it became obvious that a new home was needed. Linda found two wonderful people who directed her to MFS, and after a few phone calls, Kali was driven to the sanctuary. As Kali was led off the trailer it was obvious she knew that the people who now surrounded her cared for and loved her. Kali's eyes are soft and gentle, but there is a sparkle reflecting a joyous spirit.

Kali is now an extremely happy cow. She made fast friends with our farm residents when she was socialized with the other cows, and we were thrilled at how well she adjusted.