Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Oscar, Slick & Zeus

Oscar, Slick & Zeus

One early morning when Cheri and Jim went outside, they were surprised to hear extra voices in the yard. They scanned the area wondering why there was so much crowing—and then they saw Oscar on the front picnic table making his morning declarations. Then, out from under the table and from the garden area emerged two more roosters, Slick and Zeus.

Cheri and Jim looked around the yard and saw a hastily put together plywood box containing a small amount of food. MFS has a strict “no drop off” policy, as finances are tight and we must limit the number of animals we take in. However, we were fortunately able to make room for these three roosters.

All three of the roosters are quite friendly, but Oscar is the most outgoing of the three. Often people will be in the middle of a conversation, when suddenly a bird will fly onto their shoulders. Some people understandably duck and run, perhaps thinking it's a hawk coming in for a landing. Those who do tolerate Oscar’s invasion are in for another surprise: he will next rattle your eardrums with a loud crow!

We love those three little roosters and the bold personalities they came with.

Photo by Carole Carnovale