Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Pete is a Jersey cow with “eyebrows” that resemble a clown face. Before he came to MFS, Pete was kept all alone. His owners were just barely feeding him grain, and he was quite neglected. He had a 3-sided shelter that was never shoveled and was full of feces, so when it rained or was cold, he would have to stand in his own manure to get shelter.

In March 2015, a woman noticed Pete’s living situation and began buying hay for him. Word spread of what she was doing and local neighbors also started to visit him. As a result, he became very friendly around humans, but he had never been around other cows before.

Pete’s owner agreed to hand him over to MFS in December 2015. We were unsure of how he would react to meeting our other rescued cows, and it also took some time for our older adults to get used to Pete. However, he is now a well-loved member of the MFS herd and gets to spend his days grazing and roaming our 125-acre pasture.

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