Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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In Spring 2017, MFS undertook three chicken rescues within a one-week period. We receive many requests to take chickens in the spring because many people buy them as chicks but soon decide they no longer want them. One of the rescues was Slurpy (above photo right), a female chick who, along with another chick, were part of a classroom hatching project and weren’t well taken care of. They arrived at MFS in bad shape, and unfortunately Slurpy’s companion passed way. MFS nursed Slurpy back to health and he found a new flock with rescues Chirpy (above photo lef) and the Clucky Ten.

Slurpy is a Wellsomer, as evidenced by her rich golden-brown feathers. She lays very colorful eggs, but that has no value for MFS, as we do not use eggs but value our chickens simply for being chickens.  Slurpy is quite friendly and can often be seen hanging out with Chirpy, as well as investigating the produce storage room.

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Below: A baby Slurpy shortly after her arrival at MFS