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Welcome Oliver the Pig!

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of the MFS family: Oliver the pig!

Oliver is an 8-month-old Yorkshire pig who was born at a local farm. While he would normally have been raised and slaughtered for meat, the farm agreed to give up Oliver because he was the runt of the litter and was very thin and scrawny.

A kind mother and daughter took Oliver in and bottle-fed him since he was still very young. Unfortunately, a local store later recommended that Oliver be fed commercial pig grower grain, a food that causes pigs to gain a large amount of weight in preparation for eventual slaughter.

Oliver quickly outgrew his place in the house and was moved to a comfortable outdoor enclosure. However, he was a smart, curious pig and he soon began getting through his fence and visiting neighbors. Not everyone appreciated his visits, during which he frequently tilled the soil with his nose and munched on carefully planted flowers.

When Oliver reached about 300 pounds, his family realized that they needed to find a safe forever home for him. Most people they contacted only wanted to take Oliver so that they could slaughter him for meat. One group also told the family that no one would adopt a pig of Oliver’s size and recommended that they “humanely slaughter” him.

Fortunately, the family made one last try and called MFS. While MFS was nearly at full capacity, the call seemed like fate. We had recently lost our much-loved Yorkshire pig Jonathan and realized we had the perfect home to offer Oliver. While still grieving for Jonathan, MFS founders Cheri and Jim also knew that they had love to offer to another pig.

“We missed the gentle grunts of a pig as he slept. We missed seeing a big pig enjoying a sun bath or a mud bath,” says Cheri. “We said we’d take Oliver and immediately began making plans, including preparing Jonathan’s old ‘bedroom’ for a new resident.”

Oliver arrived at MFS on the evening of February 22. While Oliver’s family was sad to leave him, they knew that they made the right decision to bring him to MFS.

As Cheri notes, “Oliver quickly settled in and began checking out his surroundings and the other animals. He was clearly excited and occasionally ran up to the face of a goat like a puppy with a new toy. He was particularly enamored with Vanilla the cow!”

While we are so happy to offer Oliver a peaceful forever home, his story reminds us of the many other pigs who still need our help.

“Oliver is one among millions of ‘feeder pigs” who will be allowed to have a life. He is one among millions who will never be hit, kicked, forced into a trailer and finally slaughtered at a young age,” says Cheri. “Please look at Oliver’s pictures and share his story so that perhaps someday the farmers who work so hard to provide us with food will stop farming animals and will instead grow plants for the animals, for our health, for the planet.”