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Wynvisa (formally named Wanna-Be) is a Nubian goat who was part of a small local dairy goat farm. In early 2017, the farm’s owner discovered that Wynvisa is a carrier for a virus that can cause severe arthritis. While Wynvisa is only a carrier and is not symptomatic, the farm’s owner had decided that she would be slaughtered for meat, despite the fact that she was pregnant.

Fortunately, in April 2017, MFS intervened to save Wynvisa and her future babies. Wynvisa is around 4 years old and has likely already given birth to three sets of babies, all of whom were separated from her shortly after birth and either became dairy goats themselves or were killed for meat.

In August 2017, Wynvisa gave birth to three babies. Sadly, one of her babies, Hyacinth, passed away shortly after he was born due to a congenital heart defect. The MFS community helped name Wynivas's other babies: Olaf and Sage. All three are doing well and enjoy hanging out in our small goat barn.

Photos by Laurie Johnston