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Group public tours are held rain or shine! Current tour dates are posted below. A $12 minimum donation per person is requested and can be given at the beginning of your tour, kids under twelve are $8 and babies under one are free.

Email to reserve space on an upcoming tour. Be sure to let us know how many spaces you need. There are a limited number of spaces for each tour, and each tour usually becomes fully booked a few weeks in advance. If we have reserved space for you, it is important that you show up. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend. This will allow other guests to take your place.

We rarely cancel a tour - only in the case of an extreme weather event. You will be notified by email if this occurs.

Upcoming Tour Dates

We will be holding public tours at 2:00pm on the following dates:

Memorial Day Weekend - NO TOURS - Moove It For The Animals Race!
Saturday, June 4th SOLD OUT
Sunday, June 5th
Saturday, June 11th
Sunday, June 12th

Learn more about what to expect during your visit by clicking here.

Important Note: For the safety of the public and our animal residents, we do not allow walk-in visitors. All visitors to the sanctuary must register for a public, group or private tour in advance. Thank you for your understanding.



Moove It For The Animals Fundraiser




Train for Boston's Run to Remember with like-minded individuals and raise funds for Maple Farm Sanctuary!

1. Form a team of up to 5 people who are willing to meet up to train together, and decide whether the team will do the 5mi or half marathon. Teams that train for the 5 mile race will raise a minimum of $500, and teams that train for the half marathon will raise a minimum of $1000 (per team, not per member).

2. Share the flyer on social media and in any gym, vegan or vegetarian restaurant in your area, or anywhere else you see fit.

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF flyer to share in your community.

CLICK HERE to download a digital flyer to share online.

3. Have one person from the team email with a list of your team members, an email address for each member, which race you are going to train for, and a first, second, and third choice for an MFS animal mascot. Mascots will be given preference to teams that respond earlier. If you are doing the 5mile race, let us know if there will be any walkers on your team.


4. Soon after you sign up you will receive a link to your team page with your mascot and you may begin fundraising. From February 21 - March 6 we will post starting tips for fitness and nutrition, and some initial exercises. We recommend you start meeting up with your team members at least once a week and check in with how everyone is doing with both the exercises and fundraising.

5. On March 6 you will receive a training program and will begin training for Boston’s Run to Remember.

6. No prior experience with running or racing is necessary for the 5mile race, you can start from scratch. If you are training for the half marathon, we recommend having trained for at least a 5k

7. If you raise half the minimum amount by February 28 ($250 for the 5mile, $500 for the half marathon), Maple Farm Sanctuary will pay for your registration, but you will have to fill out the form yourself. If you are not able to raise half the minimum amount in that period of time, you will be responsible for paying for your own registration. All teams must raise the minimum amount by May 1 or pay the remaining difference.

8. Teams that raise more than the minimum amount or raise the minimum amount before certain dates will be eligible for prizes! More information on prizes will be provided once training begins.


I have more than 5 people who would like to form a team.
Multiple teams can certainly train together, but each team can only have up to 5 members for the minimum or $500/$1000 fundraising goal.

I have less than 5 people/I would like to train on my own.
Unfortunately each team is still responsible for raising the minimum amount, regardless if there are less than 5 members.

What if I can’t/don’t want to run?
Anyone who is unable to or does not wish to run can still sign up for the 5mile race and walk and train with others. We would like you to push yourselves, but not break yourselves. The training program that will be provided is a goal, not a requirement. Tailor it to your individual needs.

Do I or my team members need to be vegan?
No, vegans or non-vegans alike are welcome

Boston’s Run to Remember website

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF flyer to share in your community.

CLICK HERE to download a digital flyer to share online.


Current Teams:

1) Team Piggy Smalls

2)  Team Tara Anna

3) Team Jonathan

4) Team Putt Putt

5) Team Cassie

6) Team Mimou

7) Team Finn

**Disclaimer: Please note that the training program provided does not take the place of any coach, trainer, or doctor's advice. Maple Farm Sanctuary advises that you talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program**