Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Welcome Spanky and Brady

MFS has added two more animals to our herd: goats Spanky and Brady!

Spanky (above left) and Brady (above right) are Nigerian Pygmy cross goats who were being raised by a breeder to be sold for meat. A woman happened to see them shortly after they were put up for sale at just one year of age each. The two goats were clearly terrified as they stood together in a tiny cage, and the woman just knew she could not go home without them.

The woman later contacted MFS, and we were happy to offer the goats a home in December 2018. When they arrived, we could tell that they had not been fed properly, and we immediately provided them nutritious food, gave them their vaccinations, and—because they are both males—had them neutered.

Both Spanky and Brady are quite shy because they have not received much attention from people or other animals, but we are confident they will come out of their shells once they get to know MFS volunteers and the many animals in our big goat barn. At just a little over one years old each, they are also the youngest animals at MFS, which means we will be able to provide them with a safe and loving home for many more years to come!

Above: Brady

Above: Spanky