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MFS Rescued Sheep Tara Anna Featured on the Dodo!

MFS was thrilled to find out that one of our most steadfast supporters, 12-year-old Elias, was recently featured in a video created by The Dodo! The video highlights Elias’ special bond with rescued sheep Tara Anna, who he sponsored for many years.

MFS rescued Tara Anna in summer 2005 after we received a call from the local police department about a sheep who had been badly abused and was found hiding in some bushes. It turned out that a group of women had tied a rope around the sheep’s neck and dragged her around their yard by a riding lawn mower. While the poor sheep struggled to get free, other women beat her with sticks and a baseball bat. When the police arrived and cut her free, the women said they were planning on using her as a piñata to stab to death and then have for dinner.

When we approached sheep, who we named Tara Anna, she wasn't shy or skittish—she was petrified. We finally got her to MFS and put her in a comfortable stall next to the majestic, calming llamas, before giving her veterinary care.

Over the years, Tara Anna gradually recovered from her trauma and healed. She bonded with other sheep at the sanctuary as well as goats, pigs, and llamas, and she even came to trust people again. Volunteers were very careful around her and never picked up a broom or stick when she was near, as we never wanted her to feel scared again.

Tara Anna passed away from natural causes associated with old age in summer 2017. We are so happy that we were able to give her a loving home where should could recover from her trauma and know peace and comfort for many years. We are also so thankful to young Elias for all that he has done to help Tara Anna as well as other farm animals around the world through his compassionate advocay efforts!

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