Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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MFS Rescues Neglected Alpaca

Around 9:00pm on Tuesday, July 24, a van pulled up to MFS and dropped off a very special new resident: Winslow the alpaca!

Winslow, the first ever alpaca to call MFS home, is around thirteen years old and has a very sad backstory. He and five other llamas lived at a small farm in Martha’s Vineyard where they were badly neglected. They were fed improperly, often left without water, and not given appropriate veterinary care. Tragically, all five of Winslow’s companions passed away over the winter due to this neglect.

A veterinary student who lived in the area drove by and saw Winslow standing all by himself. The student found that Winslow had a high temperature of 104 degrees, and his fleece was so matted that she took pity on him and did the best she could to cut it with scissors. She was amazed by how calm Winslow was as she cut the fleece, and it seemed as if he knew that someone had finally come to help him. The student pleaded with the farm’s owner to give up Winslow, and after several months he finally agreed to release him to MFS.

Winslow did remarkably well on his journey to MFS, which entailed a long trip in a van and a ferry ride. On the night he arrived, he happily ate some nutritious hay and a treat of chopped carrots.

Winslow is very easygoing and gentle, especially for an alpaca! We are giving him time to adjust to MFS and letting him stay in a cozy stall in our pole barn where he can see llamas Milkweed and Pedro at night. During the day, MFS founder Cheri takes Winslow on walks around the sanctuary, and we plan to soon allow him to spend his days in our front pasture, where he can further bond with Milkweed and Pedro as well as Heritage the llama and Boo Boo the cow.

Help Care for Winslow! MFS must provide Winslow with veterinary care, vaccinations, and lots of nutritious food to ensure that he is healthy. If you are able to, please make a donation to help support Winslow's care.