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MFS Takes in Two New Potbellied Pigs

Maple Farm Sanctuary is thrilled to welcome two new adorable arrivals: potbellied pigs Jack and Harriet!

Jack and Harriet were brought to MFS by a local family. The family had rescued Jack from a hoarding situation and gotten Harriet after she had been bought and re-sold by several people who did not want to keep her. The family tried to raise both pigs inside but was unable to keep them and wanted to find a place where they would have access to the outdoors. Many people they contacted unfortuntely would have used Jack and Harriet for meat, but then they found MFS, and we were glad to offer the pigs a home.

Harriet is about two years old and is white with black spotting. She is very friendly and outgoing and loves to get back scratches. Harriet also enjoys walking on a leash, something that MFS volunteers are very happy to help her with!

Jack is a little over one year old, has solid black coloring, and is on the small side for a potbellied pig. He is also shy and tends to follow Harriet’s lead—except when it comes to eating, as he quickly gobbles up his food and then tries to eat Harriet’s food as well.

Both Jack and Harriet will need a lot of care and support as they adjust to their new lives at MFS. They are settling in nicely in their temporary stall in one of our large barns while we work on building them a permanent shelter that will include ample access to the outdoors and a cozy indoor space. They will also soon have a new roommate, as we are preparing to welcome a third new pig, named Chester, in the coming weeks.

Support Jack and Harriet: make a gift to help us build our new shelter, or make a year-long difference for animals by sponsoring Jack or Harriet.

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