Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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MFS Welcomes Two New Turkeys

Just a month and a half before Thanksgiving, MFS welcomed two new feathered friends into our flock: two adorable turkeys!

A fellow farm animal advocate spotted the turkeys wandering down the street from a butcher shop and helped them complete their escape by taking them home. She tried to house them in a chicken coop but realized the large birds needed more space, so she reached out to MFS, and we were happy to give them a new and permanent home.

The two male turkeys Garbo and General, were dropped off in early October and are adjusting well to life at MSF. Both are a little bit skinny and malnourished but are happily chowing down on grain. When the turkeys arrived we introduced them to our resident turkey Gwen, who first puffed out her feathers—and then ran away, but the three have gradually been getting to know each other.

Volunteer Jess also serenaded the two turkeys (with the help of some roosters who provided background vocals) with her MFS-modified version of “A Place in the Choir,” as shown below:

Nov 2018 Update: A previous version of this story identified one of the turkeys as a female named Greta, but we later determined that both turkeys are in fact male, and the the turkey was given the more fitting name of Garbo!