Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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August - The Horses are Off to Wonderful Homes!

In August of 2010 several women came to us inquiring about our horses. We’ve been hoping to adopt them for many years but with the economy being what it is we’ve had to be very careful who shows their intentions toward adopting. Some horses have been known to be picked up by unknowing owners, believing a loving home awaited their horse(s). Unfortunately, livestock dealers often pick up the horses and after collecting enough for a shipment the poor equines are shipped to either Canada or Mexico only to be slaughtered and butchered for shipment mostly to Europe where that meat is a delicacy. The MFS horses, Christie, Stjarna, Tori and Ivan, went to wonderful new homes in PA (3) and NY (1). We’ve received frequent updates letting us know how the new home adjustments were going. So far all four have quickly adjusted to their new surroundings. They are deeply missed but they have now made room for future emergencies.

February - Cooks for Compassion

Cooks for Compassion held an impressive fundraising gourmet dinner to benefit MFS. Scrumptious vegan food and amazing people (chefs, volunteers and friends of MFS) all came together to help the animals at Cafe Evolution in Florence, MA. The non-violence of a vegan lifestyle and the coming together of such wonderful caring people raised $935.00 for the animals at MFS. Jim and I have struggled for a number of years to make MFS a better sanctuary. To improve the animal care, increase the amount of rescues possible, to upgrade animal enclosures and work on various modes of education about animal rights, the environment, non-violence, MFS future preservation and veganism. Donations of course are always needed but to see folks come together on love, caring and peace touches us deeply. Thank you all so much!

September - 12th Annual Pet Rock Festival

Thanks to Pet Rock and everyone who visited the MFS table in September at the 12th Annual Pet Rock Festival. Pet Rock is the largest animal expo on the East Coast. A daylong festival of fundraising fun for the entire family, including your dog, Pet Rock’s primary purpose is to promote responsible pet ownership, bring attention to animal cruelty and educate humans on a variety of animal related issues. Proceeds benefit New England animal welfare organizations.