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2016 Thanksgiving Potluck with Harold Brown

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Maple Farm Sanctuary by joining us for a fun-filled vegan potluck, raffle, and speech by farm animal advocate Harold Brown.

Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Mendon and Uxbridge
13 Maple Street, Mendon MA 01756

Please purchase tickets in advance:
If we do not sell all tickets online, a small number may be available at the door ONLY to those bringing food. Selling tickets in advance helps us ensure that there will be enough food for everyone attending.

Potluck info:
Drinks will be provided. Please bring a vegan dish to serve a minimum of 8 hungry vegans. Kindly refrain from using any animal products in your dish, including meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and honey. Please attach a list of ingredients for those with food allergies.

About Harold Brown:
Farmer Brown was born and raised on a cattle farm in south central Michigan and spent over half his life in agriculture including three years in the dairy industry. Harold is featured in the Tribe of Heart documentary, Peaceable Kingdom, the Journey Home. His story is one of transformation from animal farmer to vegan animal advocate. He also works as an advocate for animal rights, sustainable independent family farms, environmental justice, social justice, and peace through non-violence. Find out more at

If you would like to help out with this event or you have questions, please email

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2016 Vegan Potluck & Presenters


Location: Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Mendon and Uxbridge
13 Maple Street, Mendon MA 01756

Please purchase tickets in advance:
If we do not sell all tix online, the small number of tickets at the door will be available ONLY to those bringing food. No tickets will be available at the door for those not bringing food. Selling tickets in advance will help us ensure there will be enough food for all attending.

Potluck info:
Drinks as well as cookies from Back to Nature Foods will be provided.

Please bring a vegan dish to serve a minimum of 8 hungry vegans. Kindly refrain from using any animal products in your dish, this includes meat, fish, eggs, dairy and honey. Label your dish with your name so it can be returned to you at the end of the potluck. Please also attach a list of ingredients or the recipe for those with food allergies.

If you would like to help out with this event or you have questions, please email

For more info about speakers:

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July 2 & 3 - Help Us Build Fences!

fence graphic 600_1.png

We're excited to announce that the Gentle Barn is here to renovate Maple Farm Sanctuary—and we need your help too!

This weekend we have a big job ahead of us, as we plan to update fencing all around the property in order to keep our animals safe and give them more room to roam. We're seeking volunteers to help put up fencing between 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sunday, July 2-3.

If you can make it, there is no need to email. Just come on by, and please remember to wear sunscreen and closed toe shoes. All volunteers are welcome as there is plenty to do even if you are not able to assist with fencing.

Thank you for your continued support for animals, and we hope to see you this weekend!

June 11, 2016 - Movie NIght


MFS Benefit Concert by Friction Farm

Sunday, March 20, 2016 from 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: First Unitarian Universalist Church
23 Pine Street (Across from Morin’s Photography), Milford, MA

Concert tickets: $20, under 14 free with paid adult.
A portion of proceeds to benefit Maple Farm Sanctuary.

Sponsored by: HeartSong

For more info, email: Donna -

farmhorizontal_1_f93e64f7.jpgModern folk duo Friction Farm is guitarist/vocalist Aidan Quinn and bassist/vocalist Christine Stay. Blending country, folk and pop into a seamless package, they bring a rare freshness and spontaneity to the stage. Their new CD "I Read Your Book" features songs each inspired by a different book. Friction Farm's previous recording earned them a spot as Kerrville New Folk Finalists and Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists in 2011. Miami New Times describes them as "melodious and infectious folk nuggets that couple pretty harmonies with a contemplative simplicity." They have opened for Tori Amos, Ben Folds, Lucy Kaplansky, The Kennedys, Rod MacDonald and The Refugees.

“Aidan and Christine command any stage they’re on. Their appreciable force is gently delivered with keen lyrics and beautiful melodies..." - Emerald Concerts

“…her four-octave range reminiscent of disparate singers like Melissa Ethridge and Natalie Merchant, meaning she’s carved out an original style.” - Bill Meredith, Free Press


Moove It For The Animals Fundraiser




Train for Boston's Run to Remember with like-minded individuals and raise funds for Maple Farm Sanctuary!

1. Form a team of up to 5 people who are willing to meet up to train together, and decide whether the team will do the 5mi or half marathon. Teams that train for the 5 mile race will raise a minimum of $500, and teams that train for the half marathon will raise a minimum of $1000 (per team, not per member).

2. Share the flyer on social media and in any gym, vegan or vegetarian restaurant in your area, or anywhere else you see fit.

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF flyer to share in your community.

CLICK HERE to download a digital flyer to share online.

3. Have one person from the team email with a list of your team members, an email address for each member, which race you are going to train for, and a first, second, and third choice for an MFS animal mascot. Mascots will be given preference to teams that respond earlier. If you are doing the 5mile race, let us know if there will be any walkers on your team.


4. Soon after you sign up you will receive a link to your team page with your mascot and you may begin fundraising. From February 21 - March 6 we will post starting tips for fitness and nutrition, and some initial exercises. We recommend you start meeting up with your team members at least once a week and check in with how everyone is doing with both the exercises and fundraising.

5. On March 6 you will receive a training program and will begin training for Boston’s Run to Remember.

6. No prior experience with running or racing is necessary for the 5mile race, you can start from scratch. If you are training for the half marathon, we recommend having trained for at least a 5k

7. If you raise half the minimum amount by February 28 ($250 for the 5mile, $500 for the half marathon), Maple Farm Sanctuary will pay for your registration, but you will have to fill out the form yourself. If you are not able to raise half the minimum amount in that period of time, you will be responsible for paying for your own registration. All teams must raise the minimum amount by May 1 or pay the remaining difference.

8. Teams that raise more than the minimum amount or raise the minimum amount before certain dates will be eligible for prizes! More information on prizes will be provided once training begins.


I have more than 5 people who would like to form a team.
Multiple teams can certainly train together, but each team can only have up to 5 members for the minimum or $500/$1000 fundraising goal.

I have less than 5 people/I would like to train on my own.
Unfortunately each team is still responsible for raising the minimum amount, regardless if there are less than 5 members.

What if I can’t/don’t want to run?
Anyone who is unable to or does not wish to run can still sign up for the 5mile race and walk and train with others. We would like you to push yourselves, but not break yourselves. The training program that will be provided is a goal, not a requirement. Tailor it to your individual needs.

Do I or my team members need to be vegan?
No, vegans or non-vegans alike are welcome

Boston’s Run to Remember website

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF flyer to share in your community.

CLICK HERE to download a digital flyer to share online.


Current Teams:

1) Team Piggy Smalls

2)  Team Tara Anna

3) Team Jonathan

4) Team Putt Putt

5) Team Cassie

6) Team Mimou

7) Team Finn

**Disclaimer: Please note that the training program provided does not take the place of any coach, trainer, or doctor's advice. Maple Farm Sanctuary advises that you talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise program**

November 2016 - GoFundMe Hay Appeal Donor Recognition

Thank you to our amazing supporters who contributed to our 2016 GoFundMe for Hay! We’ve already raised nearly half of our goal of $20,000—enough to purchase one trailer load of hay. Our llamas, goats, pigs, sheep, and chickens can’t say thank you enough for your generosity!

Supporters who give $50 or more are recognized on our website. See the other giving rewards levels, including a framed animal print, MFS t-shirt, and free tour, here.
We still need to purchase two additional hay loads. Please help us spread the word about our campaign by sharing it on Facebook.

Platinum ($1000+)


Gold ($500+)

Paula Foley, Framingham, MA
Kevin Smith, Royal Oak, Michigan

Silver ($250+)

Claire Bosma, Pittsfield, MA
Haven Daniels, Boston, MA
Mark Gillono, Aurora, IL
Adam Japko, Carlisle, MA
Lucy Roberts, Madison, AL
Melissa Zafirelis, Waltham, MA

Bronze (50+)

Naghmeh Ahi, Brooklyn, NY
Victoria Andreoli, Ashaway, RI
Rosemary Antonucci, Cambridge, MA
Nancy Barre, West Roxbury, MA
Carol Belding, Sarasota, FL
Jen Brindisi, Falmouth, MA
Nolan Burke, New York, NY
Terri Lee Carabillo, Topsfield, MA
Peter & Nanette Cardos, Belchertown, MA
Carole Carnovale, Mendon, MA
Diane Carr, Waltham, MA
Susan Costello, Sherborn, MA
Cathy Coston, Bar Harbor, ME
Cynthia Cruser, Stuart, FL
Holly Davenport, Norfolk, MA
Todd DeMartinis, Cambridge, MA
Anne Deuster, Saint Petersburg, FL
Linda Deveau, Swampscott, MA
Meghan Dibble, Berkeley, CA
Jessica Faherty, Melrose, MA
Chris Farrell, Brookline, MA
Ryuoh Faulconer, Newton, MA
April Forsman, Worcester, MA
Jenney P. Gallerane, Milford, MA
Barbara Glover, Mendon, MA
Rob Haworth, Bethesda, MD
E. N. Hingkeldey, Burdett, NY
Kate Horsley, New Port Richey, FL
Corey Hunter, New York, NY
Jill Korff, Wayland, MA
Susan Korte, Dalton, MA
Susan Labandibar, Cambridge, MA
Lisa Landsverk, Cambridge, MA
Ollire Lane, Dover, NH
Tisa LaPadula, New York, NY
Andrey Levin, Millis, MA
Danielle Lizotte, Milford, MA
Peter Lombardo, Rocky Hill, CT   
Sharron Luttrell, Mendon, MA
Becky Martin, Belchertown, MA
Everly McCormack, Hudson, MA
Robin McCormack, Hudson, NH
Libby Meehan, Watertown, MA
Kathy Melchin, Middleboro, MA
Marnie Meyers, Windsor, MA
Jo Irvine, Montgomery, MA
Edward Moran, Milford, MA
Janyce Murray, Whitinsville, MA
Nicole Mushero, Jamaica Plain, MA
Christina Neally, Seattle, WAS
Daryl Nuese, Westborough, MA
Katharine O’Brien, Sudbury, MA
Jane O’Hara, Little Compton, RI
Alyssa O’Mara, Canton, MA
Patricia Panitz, Seattle, WA
Dawn Pavao, Harpers Ferry, WV
Veronica Perkins, Kyle, TX
MaryAnne Polich, West Roxbury, MA
Jennifer Powell, Pflugerville, TX
Karen Rosati, Northbridge, MA
Lindsey Ross, Ann Arbor, MI
Bridget Sebern, Aurora, CO
Mary Jane Serfilippi, Delmar, NY
Emily Shay, Norwood, MA
Neil Simmons, Somerville, MA
Kyle Sinclair, West Roxbury, MA
Amanda Tarbet, Allston, MA
Karen Thomson, Eugene, OR
Harika Tuna, Herndon, VA
Susanna Wang, North Tonawanda, NY
Sherry Weiland, Sudbury, MA
Matt Weiss, Natick, MA
Teresa Willett, East Lyme, CT
Sue Williams, Silver Spring, MD
Deborah Wright, Warwick, MA
Elaine Zagame, Northbridge, MA
Anonymous (15)


Saving Gwendolyn: A Thanksgiving Miracle


The day after Thanksgiving, MFS got a phone call from a rather unexpected source: a hunter.

The hunter told Cheri that he had been out looking for a wild turkey to shoot for Thanksgiving dinner but came across a domestic turkey instead. He could see that she had been injured and knew that she would not survive long on her own.

MFS does not condone hunting, but we were grateful for the act of compassion shown by this man and agreed to help the turkey. He brought her to MFS a few days after Thanksgiving and we named her Gwendolyn.

Cheri immediately examined Gwendolyn and determined that she had likely been attacked by a coyote or other animal. Fortunately her injuries were not too severe, and Cheri will be treating them to prevent infection.

Gwendolyn is now settling in at MFS in a cozy stall where she has lots of clean water, nutritious food, and room to rest. She has already begun making friends with some of our resident chickens and is sociable with people as well—she even responds with a soft purring noise when Cheri talks to her.

One of the first things we did when Gwendolyn arrived was give her a belated Thanksgiving feast of fresh vegetables and feed. We suspect she was being raised on a turkey farm or by an individual in order to become someone's Thanksgiving dinner, and we wanted to show her that she is now free to just be a turkey.

We are so happy to have Gwendolyn with us and know that she will be an amazing ambassador for turkeys and other farm animals!  

Watch Gwendolyn’s arrival below:

Make a gift to help us care for Gwendolyn and all her rescued animal friends!

Volunteer Spotlight: MFS Facebook Manager Ines Lopes

Ines began volunteering as the manager of the MFS Facebook page in December 2014 when she was living in Boston. She has since moved to Las Vegas but continues to run the page. Since she came on board, Ines has helped recruit and engage tens of thousands of new followers by posting inspiring, educational, and entertaining content focused on MFS animal residents and vegan and animal rights issues.

Ines’ Facebook Strategy

“I've run social media for animal shelters for years and know firsthand the powerful impact it can have on an organization. With MFS, my main job is to relay information about events and share pictures of the animals. I notice popular times and make sure to share pictures then so people don’t miss them. That translates to more volunteers, more donations, and, hopefully, more vegans!"

“My favorite responses are when people make comments like, ‘I recently went vegan because…’ or ‘Can you help me find vegan….?’ or ‘Meeting Jonathan changed my life.’ I try to stay positive and share mostly upbeat, friendly, kind, and loving images.”

On Remote Volunteering

“Moving to Las Vegas, I knew I didn’t want to give up running the Facebook page, and I don’t have to! Occasionally when I visit MFS, I take my own pictures, but people send me pics, videos, and anything else they’d like posted.

“I highly recommend reaching out to your favorite nonprofit or small business and offering them your services. You can help remotely with things like updating the website, creating graphics, or writing a newsletter. Work with what you’re good at and you can help so many places remotely. You’ll feel fulfilled and will be helping a great cause.”

Ines’s Other Vegan and Animal Rights Interests

“I’ll occasionally recipe test for vegan cookbooks or help out at festivals. I’m also becoming more and more outspoken about using animals in entertainment because of where I live. Going to the strip and seeing all those animals in tanks or cages is heartbreaking. There’s a big activism scene out here and it’s incredible to be a part of it.”

Professional and Personal Goals

“I have a pet sitting business and recently became a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, and nutrition consultant. I would like to somehow combine that with teaching poetry, meditation, and social media marketing to be a sort of one-stop place to inspire people. I hope to one day provide a holistic approach to living a cruelty free life.

“I currently have two cats and am trying to get my boyfriend to let us get more cats, and maybe a dog—and goats, too!”