Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Astro is part of a trio of llamas, along with Arlos and Tanner, who had previously been used as pack animals and were going to be auctioned off for slaughter when they grew too old and infirm to carry out their ardous jobs. Fortunately, a man took pity on the three llamas and rescued them before they could be auctioned off. Fellow MFS llamas Milkweed and Pedro had actually been rescued from the same auction a few years previously, and the lucky trio soon joined them.

Today, Astro is around 20 years old and can most often be spotted in the shaded stalls beneath the lower goat barn, usually napping or eating alongside Arlos or his pig friend Jonathan. He also stands out among our cria herd (the name for a group of llamas) for his distinct black and white coloring.

We lost sweet Astro during the summer of 2022.