Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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MFS Welcomes Mario the Goat

Just a few days after welcoming a new alpaca, MFS has taken in another rescued animal: a goat named Mario.

Mario was living with two other goats in a run-down shelter in someone’s backyard when the shelter was broken into and knocked over by a bear. All three goats escaped into the woods, but sadly, Mario’s companions were never found. MFS was glad to welcome Mario into our herd and give him and safe and loving home.

Mario is already making quite the name for himself at MFS. He is Pygmy goat, which means he is on the smaller side, but he doesn’t hesitate to stand up to our larger goats. In fact, during his first night at MFS he head-butted Chivo, the bossiest goat at MFS! He is also extremely friendly and will march up to all barn visitors and wait to be petted.

Help Support Mario! While he is adjusting well to his new home, Mario will need some veterinary care and lots of nutritious food, as he is too thin for his size and was not properly vaccinated at his previous home. Please make a gift to help support Mario's care!