Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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Behind the Scenes: Volunteer Spotlight, Part 2

Who knows Maple Farm Sanctuary’s animal residents best? The kind and compassionate people who volunteer their time to give these furry, wooly, and feathery friends the best life possible!
We recently asked several of our volunteers to tell us about their special bonds with the animals of MFS. If you missed it, read Part 1, and then read on for more heartwarming stories below:

Barn Volunteer Jane and Dragon

“I've volunteered at Maple Farm Sanctuary for just over a year now and I have a soft spot for the older animals. Anytime I go in to visit the dogs, Dragon nudges his way in and makes sure he gets some love as well.”

Tour Guide Sarah and Jonathan 

“Running tours at Maple Farm Sanctuary is such an incredible experience. I get to share these amazing animals with people and help them form connections. I always encourage people to look in the eyes of the animals so you can see they really are someone and not something. Sharing the message about how special animals are has been one of the best experiences. I am so fortunate to be part of the MFS community!”

Barn Volunteer Luciana and Gail 

‘I am so honored be a part of the Maple Farm Sanctuary team. For years I visited the Sanctuary and wished I could get closer to the amazing animal residents and give them some love. Although I have not been a volunteer for too long, the experience has been more than fulfilling — it’s dream come true! Gail is such a sweet and special lady. I feel extremely pleased to meet and hug her!”

Barn Volunteer Yana and Mimou

“Mimou is a beautiful girl. Her owner almost sent her to slaughter because she didn’t like her personality. I think Mimou is great and she wants the same as all of us — to be loved and accepted.”

Barn Volunteer Jennifer and Gwendolyn

“I love every single animal at Maple Farm Sanctuary. Today though, Gwen really needed someone to listen to her. She is going through an exhausting and uncomfortable molt. I loved just being able to be there for her and comfort her. Open your heart to an animal and you know what they are saying to you.”

Tour Director Marlene and Putt Putt

"Putt Putt, our sweet senior goat, has impaired vision in one eye. I call him my handsome pirate!"