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The Top Five MFS News Articles of 2018

MFS works hard to keep our supporters informed about happenings at the sanctuary through our monthly e-newsletter, the Non-Dairy Digest. Each issue contains updates on our latest rescues, tips on compassionate living, and lots of adorable animal photos (If you haven’t subscribed, sign up today).

Here are the five Non-Dairy Digest articles that our supporters loved best in 2018:

Favorite Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes from MFS

We’re not at all surprised that an article on delicious vegan food topped our most-read list for 2018. Vegans love food, and Thanksgiving time is no exception! We’d like to extend a big thank you to all our volunteers who shared their favorite Thanksgiving recipes with the MFS community for this story.

Behind the Scenes: Volunteer Spotlight, Part 2

MFS volunteers also told readers about their special bonds with our animal residents in this second article in a two-part series. Check out Part 1 for even more heartwarming stories and photos.

MFS Rescued Sheep Tara Anna Featured on the Dodo!

We were thrilled that our beloved sheep Tara Anna was featured in a moving video from the Dodo, and obviously our supporters were too! The video—which highlights a bond between Tara Anna and a special young MFS supporter—is worth a second (or first) watch, so we encourage you to tune in.

MFS Rescues Neglected Alpaca

Supporters were as excited as we were when MFS welcomed our very first alpaca, Winslow, in July of 2018. Winslow had previously watched five of his companions pass away from neglect, but MFS soon gave him a new friend when we rescued our second alpaca, Merlin.

MFS Takes in Two New Potbellied Pigs

Another animal rescue story also cracked our most-read list: an article about Jack and Harriet, two potbellied pigs who came to live at MFS in June 2018. The duo were soon joined by rescued pig Chester, and all three are now inseparable.