Maple Farm Animal Sanctuary - Mendon MASS
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A Visit to Maple Farm Sanctuary

MFS supporter Alyssa Falconer shares her experiences visitng MFS. During her first tour, Falconer bonded with our rescued turkey Gwen and decided to sponsor her. She returned to see the animals again and now sponsors Heritage the llama as well!

By MFS Supporter Alyssa Falconer

Visiting Maple Farm Sanctuary is a very special experience. Each animal has a unique personality and story. They will undoubtedly capture your heart, and also put into perspective the importance of showing kindness toward all living beings, regardless of species. 

Walking into the barn during our first tour, we heard a chorus of quaking from the “MFS Welcoming Committee.” A gaggle of geese consisting of Romeo, Piu Piu, and their 495 friends alerted the rest of the barn residents as if to say. “They’re here; we have visitors!” 

All of the sudden, they were joined by their fellow feathered friends including Chirpy, a floofer, and Oscar, who came out of hiding to see what all the fuss was about.  Nearby, Jonathan pig napped. Goats Pumpkin, Chewie, and Ackbar curiously walked over toward the barn gate.

Above: Goats Chewie and Chocolate Milk show off for the camera

Gwendolyn turkey, always the calm one, quietly made her entrance to greet us. Gwen, affectionately called Gwenny, decided to lie down amid the ruckus to make herself comfortable and let everyone pet her. I’ll never forget the moment when it was my turn to say hello. She was so sweet and gentle. Her beautiful white feathers were soft and fluffy.

I recall looking into Gwen’s eyes and thinking about how cruel her fate would have been had she not been rescued.  How could anyone harm an innocent animal, abuse them, neglect them, or send them to be slaughtered?

Above: Gwen the turkey steps out to meet guests on an MFS tour

Being very moved by the compassionate work of Cheri and Jim, along with all the caring MFS volunteers, my mom and I wanted to find a way to help. Since that life-changing day, I’ve chosen to sponsor Gwen and handsome llama Heritage. Having a soft spot for Finn, who is currently the only resident sheep at MFS, my mom chose to support him after learning that he had not yet been sponsored. We are honored to be able to help contribute toward the mission of Maple Farm Sanctuary.

Come see for yourself: Get your tickets for an tour of MFS today!